May 3, 2024

5 Spring Cleaning Projects to Refresh Your Space for Spring

The spring season is a chance to renew, restart, and refresh. From little upgrades to big changes, your home, yard, or business can always benefit from a good spring cleaning. Our team compiled a list of potential projects for your space that vary in terms of time commitment and affordability. While you pursue projects that refresh your space, make sure none of the old stuff gets left behind. For small and large-scale spring cleaning projects in Naples and Bonita Springs, Florida, call NextGen Disposal at (239) 992-6219 for a dumpster near you.




It’s time to increase your home’s curb appeal. Think stone pavers, fire pits, and making your yard a gathering place for friends and family all year long. The latest landscaping trends include using pavers as stepping stones, adding pops of color with flowers and bushes in abstract garden areas, and introducing level seating areas for cookouts and outdoor hangs. Cute sheds for storing gardening materials are also popular if your garage doesn’t provide enough coverage.


Easy & affordable ideas: add hanging flower baskets to your front porch, introduce new colorful plants to your yard, or buy new cushions (or refurbish used ones) for your outdoor furniture.


Get Rid of Outdated Wallpaper


If you want to keep your home’s interior design timeless it may be time to take down the wallpaper and find a neutral paint color instead. Feeling crazy? Find a fun paint color for an accent wall (keyword: paint, not wallpaper). It’s easy to paint over and still brings an element of fresh and fun to your home.


Clean Out the Basement / Attic


Have items in your attic or basement that haven’t been sold after a few dozen attempts to sell them on Facebook Marketplace? It’s time to donate or get a dumpster. This may include old or damaged furniture, car parts, boxes of seasonal decor, and more.


Go Through Your Storage Cabinets (Kitchen, Bathroom)


Our team made a helpful list of the things you should throw away:

  • Cheap tupperware that’s one microwave experience away from destruction
  • An old blender from the 70s? Sayonara
  • Expired makeup and prescriptions
  • Bath towels that aren’t soft any more (and smell of mildew)

If at any point you find yourself questioning if you might use something in the future, reflect on the past year. If you haven’t touched it since then, it’s time for it to go.




Having a good foot traffic flow is important to a cozy home. If it’s time to get rid of that one wall that prevents your space from having an open floor concept, our dumpsters will hold your cabinets, furniture, drywall, and more. It’s quicker and easier than throwing these things away on your own!


Call NextGen Disposal to schedule your dumpster rental in Bonita Springs or Naples, Florida at (239) 992-6219.