About Us

Who We Are

Living Within a Broader Vision for Business and for Life

Our great-grandfather immigrated to the United States in the late 19th Century and, like many Dutch Americans, drifted into garbage collecting, hauling with a single horse and wagon. Inspired by him, NextGen Disposal — formerly Donnie Dumps — is a waste management provider for the next generation, one that exists to preserve our planet and protect its people with a financial investment in sustainability and environmental stewardship. Our family is honored to extend our great-grandfather’s long history of excellence and reliability in service to Southwest Florida, while also continuing his commitment to our employees, our customers, and the communities we serve.

Values Guide Our Daily Work



Living honestly, generously, and compassionately. A commitment to transparency that fosters open and meaningful relationships.



Honoring the diversity of one another, recognizing and respecting all ideas, beliefs, and contributions. Understanding no one individual’s role is more important than another’s.


Servant Leadership

Putting others’ needs ahead of one’s own. A commitment to the growth and well-being of all peoples and communities.



Accepting responsibility, following through, correcting mistakes, handling successes and failures, and being a community that will “catch” you. 



Understanding our work impacts our planet and its people. A commitment to finding ways to live healthier, happier lives, with an emphasis on environmental preservation.



Building the best product and providing the best service. Constantly improving on everything we do.

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Here for the Long Haul

Proud Partner in Building a Better Southwest Florida