December 22, 2023

Business as a Force for Good: Fleet Farming

Our family is passionate about using our work to do good in and for our local community and the world as a whole. And, gratefully, we’re not alone. In this blog we’re sharing the work of IDEAS For Us and Fleet Farming, thanks to an interview with Caroline Chomanics, COO of IDEAS For Us and Director of Fleet Farming. Take a peek below and be sure to follow Fleet Farming on Instagram.


About Fleet Farming


Fleet Farming is an urban agricultural program started in 2014 and run by IDEAS For Us, an organization working to solve climate change through community eco-action projects. The Florida-based program empowers all generations to grow food by transforming the average American lawn into micro farms and/or edible gardens. It is powered by its farmers – Dawson Amico and Danae Redington – and a crew of more than 50 Fleet Farming interns. The vegetables produced are harvested and shared with local food donation programs and SNAP-certified farmer’s markets.


Impact in Florida

  • Converted 176,150 SF of lawns
  • Harvested 17,801 lbs of produce
  • Educated 32,630 volunteers
  • Fed 8,857 locals
  • Created 48 school gardens

And Fleet Farming is just getting started! As the program continues to grow, IDEAS For Us has seen statewide, national, and international demand for similar programs. They have even been identified as a leader of change and as a model of urban agriculture by the United Nations.


What’s in store for the future?


One of Fleet Farming’s current projects involves building community gardens and micro-farms in a senior residential neighborhood in Sebastian, Florida. Interns and volunteers have been building raised garden beds and planting seeds since August. The organization is also now engaged in a 5-year plan that will allow them to expand to two new cities, as well as launch new initiatives like mobile farmer’s markets and fruit micro-farms. This project is in partnership with the USDA, By the River Retirement Community, and ChoZen Retreat Center.


What do we love about Fleet Farming?


“We could have such a beautiful world. It just takes a group of dedicated people and great ideas, and that’s what I get to do everyday…  I feel very blessed to say that we do these things.”


This quote from Caroline resonates with us. And the vision of Fleet Farming and IDEAS For Us also resonates with us. Business for good. Business to make things better. Our world can be more beautiful when we all take steps to develop and implement more sustainable practices. And gratefully, IDEAS For Us can help us. Reach out to them for assistance developing initiatives and practices that reduce your carbon footprint. You can also support IDEAS for Us and Fleet Farming by making a donation, following them on Instagram and Facebook, or signing up to volunteer.