April 23, 2024

Business as a Force for Good: Waterlust

Our family is passionate about environmental conservation in Florida. Conservation isn’t just good for nature, it’s good for people too. Nature alters our perspective, offers space to challenge ourselves, provides infrastructure for economic prosperity, and positively impacts our mental and physical health. But finding and funding a solution to the complex issues that degrade our environment is a challenge. Enter Waterlust, a company founded in 2012 and specializing in sustainable activewear. These ocean scientists and apparel experts use clothing to educate, inspire, and support all of us to live a more environmentally sustainable life. Here’s how: 

  • A percentage of Waterlust’s profits are donated to research organizations that are discovering habitat degradation solutions
  • The Waterlust team works with scientists to educate its audience about ecosystems and to encourage them to be advocates for positive change within their communities  


Our team had the great opportunity to speak with Patrick Rynne, Founder and CEO of Waterlust, to learn more about their brand and all the ways they’re in the business of building a more sustainable world. 


About Waterlust


Waterlust is a team of ocean scientists and apparel experts dedicated to making eco-responsible activewear that educates, inspires, and empowers customers to advocate for a more sustainable lifestyle. The company is based in Florida and donates 5% of its sales to each marine science topic they champion—folks like Reef.org, Ocean Institute, Center for Whale Research, Florida State University’s Marine Turtle Research, Ecology and Conservation Group, and more. A full list is here.  


The Product


Waterlust’s signature fabric is made from post-consumer plastic bottles and yet is described as “strong and sultry, resilient and luxurious.” Patrick and team were kind enough to send us a few activewear pieces (in completely recycled packaging, of course) to show just how special these products are. You can find a few photos on our Instagram page here. These products support Spotted Eagle Ray research and the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium’s Sharks & Rays Conservation Research Program. Did you know that more than 25% of marine rays are threatened with extinction from targeted fisheries, bycatch, and loss of habitat? Waterlust’s educational materials, sent with every product, help educate consumers like us. Our sample included five different ways to support Eagle Rays. 

Received: Reversible top, leggings

Print: Spotted eagle ray




  • Supports 22 environmental causes, including – but not limited to – whale shark research, coral conservation, and abalone restoration
  • Produces 15 clothing lines and 22 marine-inspired prints, each supporting a specific conservation cause


Waterlust continues to add partners they support through their sales, meaning customers can look forward to new prints every few months. 


What’s in store for the future?


Waterlust recently completed their B Corp Certification, which is given to businesses that meet high standards for social and environmental performance. Waterlust will also continue to expand their activewear lines, including the launch of a new swimsuit line sometime this spring. Keep your eyes peeled and follow their social media accounts


What do we love about Waterlust?


Patrick Rynne said it best: Return on investment is better than people tend to think with sustainability. Think of your business like living in a house vs. flipping a house. The typical house-flipper is just going to make the space look pretty on the outside and hide that the electrical is shoddy and there’s water damage in the basement. If you’re going to live in the house, you’re going to think much more critically about long-term savings, safety, and sustainability rather than short-term gains.


Waterlust demonstrates the benefits of thinking about the long-term impact of their business by investing in sustainable solutions up front. This is something to be emulated; something that makes the world a better and more beautiful place. You can support Waterlust on Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. You can also support them (and your closet) by purchasing apparel related to a cause you’re passionate about on their website. Featured image from Waterlust.