October 23, 2023

Donnie Dumps: Now NextGen Disposal

Our family and extended family were on Christmas vacation when we found the sale listing for Donnie Dumps on Buy Biz Sell. The small, family-owned and operated dumpster business was looking for new owners after a recent health scare. It didn’t take more than 24 hours for us to phone Jane and Tony and to ask for more details. It may have been a day or two before Christmas. That first phone call lasted an hour and half…

Here’s what we loved about Jane and Tony (and why we purchased Donnie Dumps):

Owner Involvement — Both Jane and Tony were involved in all aspects of the business. They set the direction for Donnie Dumps and sought to provide value in every aspect of the organization, building a business model that supported customer loyalty and trust. Our family is eager to build on that foundation and to create a positive impact through the execution of our company’s mission.

Excellent, Personalized Customer Service — Jane and Tony treasured the relationships they had with their customers. They understood customer needs, challenges, and preferences, and they used them to craft a good customer experience that kept both individuals and businesses satisfied. Our family believes that the best way to leave a mark on this earth is by loving people well. Owning a small business allows us to impact our team, our customers, and our community in both big and small ways.

Opportunity for Growth — Jane and Tony started to invest in the growth of Donnie Dumps before making their decision to sell the small business. They purchased new equipment, new boxes. But their most important investment was in people. A person, actually: Jim. Jim is our Lead Driver and Customer Experience Coordinator. He is our most valuable asset. People always are. Jim makes the lives of our customers better, and he jumps through hoops weekly for their sakes. Our family knows loving and serving others is the best way to achieve growth. Everything else is supplemental. None of us will ever regret taking extra time or putting in extra energy to serve others.

Thank you for considering NextGen Disposal — formerly Donnie Dumps — for your dumpster rental needs. Your decision to support a local, family-owned business means a lot to us, and we promise to do our very best to make things better for you and yours by providing easy and quick residential, commercial, or construction dumpster rentals in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers. Contact us at (239) 992-6219 or by filling out this form.