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January 12, 2024

What Can You Put in a Dumpster Rental in Florida?

Some things belong in a dumpster, and others don’t. For the health of ourselves and our environment. Below is our list of what can be put into a dumpster rental in Florida and what cannot be put into a dumpster. Take a peek and feel free to send us a message if you have any specific questions regarding these policies. 

What can you put in a dumpster in Florida?


There’s a long list of items you can put into a dumpster rental in Florida. Think packaging, yard waste, old toys, clothes you no longer use or wear, furniture, cabinetry, hardware and fixtures, siding, drywall, roofing shingles, carpet, flooring, and more. But there are also things you should not put into a dumpster in Florida. Things like hazardous materials, refrigerators, and hot water tanks. There are more effective ways to dispose of these items. The tables below provide a great overview for your consideration:  


Items you can put in a dumpster rental in Florida: 


Packaging Yard Waste
Toys Furniture
Cabinetry Paper
Metal Hardware
Fixtures Siding
Drywall Roofing Shingles
Flooring Carpet


Items you cannot put in a dumpster rental in Florida:

* items marked with an asterisk may be placed in a dumpster, but may also incur an extra fee.


Refrigerator* Contact a professional here to help drain the chemicals from the fridge before placing in a dumpster. You can also take the fridge to a nearby recycling center like these.
Tires* Our team does take tires for an extra fee, but another way to dispose of them is through your local automotive store. They may be able to recycle the rubber in some capacity.
Adhesives Sticky materials like adhesives should really be disposed of at your a local chemical waste collection site or hazardous materials waste collection center.
Television* Our team can dispose of a television or other electronics, but you can also consider dropping it off to the Naples Recycling Drop-Off Center located at 2640 Corporate Flight Drive.
Non-Alkaline Batteries You can find a helpful guide to identifying which type of battery you have and how to recycle it at this link.
Hazardous Materials If your items are known to be hazardous (paint) or have a “Hazardous” sticker applied, please dispose of them at the Hazardous Materials Collection Center at 3728 White Lake Blvd in Naples.
Medical Waste Medical materials like syringes should be disposed of at your county’s local chemical waste or hazardous materials collection center. You can find locations to drop off used sharps here.
Hot Water Tanks Some recycle centers accept hot water tanks and heaters, while others do not. Carefully read your nearest recycling center’s list of accepted materials before traveling to dispose of a hot water tank.


Goodwill Industries recycling centers and Best Buy both tend to accept inkjet cartridges for recycling. Call to inquire if your local store offers these services.
Oil & Fuel Take these items to your county’s Solid Waste Facility. Here is a list of Chemical Waste Collection Events in Lee County.
Debris Contaminated by Asbestos These items should be doused in water and then put in a covered container or leak-proof wrapping. Label the box or bag so folks will take proper precautions. Then you can drop it off at a hazardous waste collection center.
Household Cleaning Products* You may dilute the cleaner with water and then pour the liquid down the drain before disposing the container in a dumpster.
Mattresses* Your old mattress can be thrown into one of our dumpster rentals, but you can also donate it to a local charity.


Our team is conscious of how are actions impact the land around us, and we’re passionate about doing everything we can to keep Florida healthy and beautiful. Give us a heads up concerning what you expect to dispose of in your dumpster rental, and we can let you know if something will (or will not) be accepted at a transfer station or landfill. Or if there’s a better way to dispose of it.


Thank you for considering NextGen Disposal — formerly Donnie Dumps — for your dumpster rental needs. Your decision to support a local, family-owned business means a lot to us, and we promise to do our very best to make things better for you and yours by providing easy and quick residential, commercial, or construction dumpster rentals in Naples, Bonita Springs, and Fort Myers. Contact us at (239) 992-6219 or by filling out this form.